Monday, October 26, 2009

Wh@ did i learn in INST102?

*I chose Internet Studies by mistake (i thought)...
But not exactly, because i believe that t'was already meant that i choose this module. I was always told that this particular module is very hard and easily failed. After hearing that, i felt like changing this module, but i thought otherwise. I just told myself that, nothing is easy when it comes to school work, you just have to give your ultimate best & 100% in your work.

*We now drawing to an end of Internet studies for "2009". What a wonderful experience it has been...YOH! During this course I have learnt a lot of new things about the news media and how it interlinks with the internet. Plus i got the chance to be a journalist and a movie-maker (WOW), something i never thought that i will do in a million years. With the help of my understanding and utterly great lecturer Thembisa, she has made this course unforgettable. She was always there whenever we needed her with a smile on her face. Due to this I have no regrets in taking this module.

*Mmmmm, tutorials were also very enjoyable, thanks to my wonderful, helpful & patient tutor Joe. Here we were offered extra support and motivation to excel in doing our best. We were free to express concerns about the course and just speak out what we thought. And i even got the chance to create my own blog (AWESOME).

*There was a lot of work to be done...but i surely enjoyed every moment of it*

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