Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saying Good-bye to Internet Studies for 2009*

*To say "Good-bye" has never been the easiest thing to do!!!

*I really enjoyed doing Internet Studies this semester, it was like i wasn't doing it for the first time, but yes...this was my first time and i gotta say that i really loved every moment of it. Though at times it was really challenging, i found myself working through those challenges in a fun and patient way.

*By doing this particular module, i found that i used more of my creative side and that's one of my major talents.

*A special thanks to:

*My lecture- Thembisa

*My tutor: Joe

*My 2 collegues: Mildah & Grettah

*The rest of the Internet Studies students

*Thank you for making this module (INST102) enjoyable*

*I'd like to say that it was fun while it lasted (just for this year "2009"), i can't wait for next year.


Semester Test '09***


*Pheew...I've just finished writting the INST102 Semester Test and DAMN...i felt like my head was cracking, that was one hard test that i wrote there man...yoh.

*Just kidding (SMILING), it wasn't hard at all because it was one of those "open-book test". You just brought your notes, readings and your previous quizzes, and the rest was left up to you. It was all in terms of using your material wisely and cleverly. I feel that i will do very well in this test, i must say, it's easy to pass this test and it's easy to fail it to, because everything just seemed so...easy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wh@ did i learn in INST102?

*I chose Internet Studies by mistake (i thought)...
But not exactly, because i believe that t'was already meant that i choose this module. I was always told that this particular module is very hard and easily failed. After hearing that, i felt like changing this module, but i thought otherwise. I just told myself that, nothing is easy when it comes to school work, you just have to give your ultimate best & 100% in your work.

*We now drawing to an end of Internet studies for "2009". What a wonderful experience it has been...YOH! During this course I have learnt a lot of new things about the news media and how it interlinks with the internet. Plus i got the chance to be a journalist and a movie-maker (WOW), something i never thought that i will do in a million years. With the help of my understanding and utterly great lecturer Thembisa, she has made this course unforgettable. She was always there whenever we needed her with a smile on her face. Due to this I have no regrets in taking this module.

*Mmmmm, tutorials were also very enjoyable, thanks to my wonderful, helpful & patient tutor Joe. Here we were offered extra support and motivation to excel in doing our best. We were free to express concerns about the course and just speak out what we thought. And i even got the chance to create my own blog (AWESOME).

*There was a lot of work to be done...but i surely enjoyed every moment of it*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diversity & democracy in the urban spaces of Durbz***

*Go grab a bucket of pop-corn...coz' it's going to be one helluva fabulous ride. (wink)***


Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2nd day of my photo shoot...

*Since my camera had a low battery yesterday, today was a must for me to complete my photo-taking. The day was chilly and windy, but i had to finish. Today, i was the rickshaw puller and also dressed the part.

*Damn...i really looked weird pulling that Rickshaw, though it was a lil' bit heavy...but it was sure fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"FLASH-FLASH-FLASH" (1st Day of the shoot)

* Today is the day to take photos for my movie project. So, it's time to head down the Beach front and pursue this. My mum accompanied me, for safety and to be my photographer. Thank God it's a sunny day, surely the photos will look good (i hope). But it was a little bit windy, because we were near the sea. Everything was going well...up until the camera had a low battery (t'was very frustrating), because this meant we had to come tomorrow.

(The picture on the right, is a sneak-peak shot of my photo collection!).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Embedded Journalism***

*Today in class, we got a lecture on Embedded Journalism (A Broader sense of it).


*It refers to the news reporters being attatched to the military units involved in armed conflicts.

*To view the "PROS & CONS" of embedded journalism, click on the link below:

*Embedded journalism could be applied to many historical interactions between journalists and military personnel, it 1st came to be used in the media coverage of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The U.S Military responded to pressure from the country's news media who were disappointed by the level of access geranted during the 1991 Gulf War and in the 2001 U.S. invasion of Afganistan. The Gulf War was one of the biggest wars in history, many were killed and many lost their homes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


*Cultural diversity refers to manifold ways in which the cultures of social groups and societies find expression. From the diverse forms taken by culture over time and space stem the uniqueness and plurality of the identities and cultural expressions of the peoples and societies that make up humankind. Cultural diversity is made to manifest not only through the varied ways in which the cultural heritage of humankind is protected, augmented and transmitted to future generations, but also through the variety of cultural expressions which are born by cultural goods and services, in all parts of the world at any given time, through diverse modes of production, dissemination, distribution and consumption.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why are Tabloids soooo...popular in our culture?


*The tabloids are a big industry in our current society.We seem to have a weird fascination for the famous and we love to read about their lives. We love to see pictures of them- especially pictures of them in compromising positions. It is very sad that our society has come to this.Some tabloids are in actual newspapers online and in print. Sometimes they are just a small section of the paper.


*The tabloid paper size varies.Sometime it is a thick section of the paper and sometimes it is the whole paper. The new York daily news just has a small section online. The sun newspaper is all a tabloid paper. The entire paper is covered with tabloid news. These newspapers can be found in any grocery store.


*The New York Post has a quite large section for tabloid news. Online you can view their photo gallery of stars with news about them. Some newspapers are truly dedicated to tabloid news. These tabloids are constantly getting in trouble for the stories they print.If they cannot prove the source of the story and someone sues them and says that the story is not true then they can be sued for a lot of money.The national enquirer is one of these magazines. They are one of the biggest in the world for tabloid news. The sun tabloid is also a very popular magazine. It is a weekly tabloid that mainly has stories about famous people and stars.


*They are inexpensive.

*They are based on opinion and on emotion.

*They invite the reader to apply judgement or derision.

*They celebrate improbable content.

*They bring the rich, powerful & famous down (levelling them in other words).

*They trade in the economy of emotion.

*They evoke a world with few real life consequences for the reader.

*They appear to disclose secrets and what is private: We feel like "insiders".
*They revel conspiracy theories and other paranoic explanations of phenomena.
*They also relish confessional, "tell all" narratives and exclusive disclosures.

My movie idea...

*Finally...i have an idea on what my movie will be about.
It's gonna be about...wait 4 it, wait 4 it...

*I chose this because, this type of informal job carries a lot of diversity and democratic usage of the spaces in the CBD.
*It's that type of a business that's open to anyone and it's widely varied. Plus it's one of the greatest experience that a person could ever experience.
*It portrays a lot of elements...socially, economically & culturally.
*I believe that this idea i've chosen, has a lot of history behind it and plus it takes place on the focal point of Durbz... the "Durban Beachfront".

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*Have a close look on the "BIG TEN"

*They are namely the:

1. AOL/Time Warner
2.AT & T Corporation
3.General Electric
4.News Corporation
5.Viacom, inc.
7.Walt Disney Company
8.Vivedi Universal
9.Liberty Media Corporation

*Click on the following weblink for more info:


*Simply put, net neutrality is a network design paradigm that argues for broadband network providers to be completely detached from what information is sent over their networks. In essence, it argues that no bit of information should be prioritized over another. This principle implies that an information network such as the internet is most efficient and useful to the public when it is less focused on a particular audience and instead attentive to multiple users.

For more broader definitions of net neutrality, click on the ffg:,2542,t=Net+neutrality&i=55962,00.asp

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our idea 4 the 3rd Article...

*Pheew...thank God that this is our final and last article for this semester. Talk about work, i mean, "journalism" YOH... It may be fun and interesting to investigate and interview, but it aint that me. Being a journalist is tough work, that in which i got to realise now.


*My collegues and i thought that for our 3rd article, we gonna write about the "cultural diversities" in the city of Durban.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to pull an all Nighter...

*Ah, the desperation of an important test or exam the next day, or a large amount of missing homework that's due tomorrow. Whatever it is, the Sleepless Night b4 is always annoying. Here's how to pull it off and live safely:

*Do your work. Plenty of times, you get sidetracked. Avoid this by setting a constant pace for yourself: 50 minutes of work, and a 10 minute break. Besides, keeping your mind occupied will make it easier to stay awake.
*Avoid caffeine, if possible. See warnings for reasons why. Drink two brimming glasses of ice cold water every 30 minutes. Not only will the cold keep you awake, but you’ll need to urinate very often. It’s difficult to sleep on the toilet.
*Play (softly, if you have a roommate) fast-paced, grating music. You may enjoy it, but it must be, at all costs, harsh and a bit arrhythmic. Try to stick to instrumental music, which is less distracting. This will keep you from being lulled to sleep.
*Work with windows open: cold air will keep you awake. Warm air knocks you out. If you find the cold air is effective in keeping you awake, you can even go to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water. Only wash your face if you are getting tired, you don’t want to waste studying time.
*Set your computer screen to a lower setting, (duller and darker) so as not to strain your eyes. See warnings for why not to.
*Turn off instant messengers, your cellphone, the TV, and do not surf the Internet, edit wikiHow, read, draw, etc. In fact, pinch yourself if you do. This can distract you very easily.
Do not work in bed, on a couch, or on the floor. If you work in any other place than a cold, hard table and chair, you will feel very tempted to sleep. If possible, work somewhere far away from your room/bed, so it’s a pain to go back and sleep. Try to be around some other people, too, so you do not feel comfortable sleeping in your chair.
*Set a timer, if you’re going to nap. Don’t nap for more than 20 minutes, and stay half-awake. Avoid napping at all costs, though. “Just 20 minutes of relaxation” will more likely involve you waking up past your class the next day.
*Rotate subjects every hour, if applicable. You’ll quickly mentally wear out on one topic.
Work through it all. If you have time at the end, pack up your stuff, lay out your clothes, then set your alarm as late as possible, to achieve the most possible sleep.
*Try sitting in different places around the room.
*Remember: if you are tired and are completely slumping over your work, sit up straight. It could immediately make you feel more awake. Yes, it sounds stupid, but try it.
*Eat protein-rich foods like sandwiches, cheese, and other dairy products. Sugary foods may make you feel awake for a little while, but can eventually make you feel drowsy.
*Think positively. Thoughts such as: “I am almost done,” “This is actually not too bad,” “I will get to see the sunrise,” “I will get a good grade” can definitely help.
*Get scared. Sure, it sounds silly, but do it. Watch a horror movie or read something frightening. You’ll be too scared to fall asleep. Do not do this if there is work to be finished, though!
*Note: if you are tired and bored of studying the same thing over and over again, remain positive. You can even try to make a game out of it so studying won’t be so strenuous and dull. (It sometimes helps to time how fast you get math problems done, and try to beat that time:)

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