Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saying Good-bye to Internet Studies for 2009*

*To say "Good-bye" has never been the easiest thing to do!!!

*I really enjoyed doing Internet Studies this semester, it was like i wasn't doing it for the first time, but yes...this was my first time and i gotta say that i really loved every moment of it. Though at times it was really challenging, i found myself working through those challenges in a fun and patient way.

*By doing this particular module, i found that i used more of my creative side and that's one of my major talents.

*A special thanks to:

*My lecture- Thembisa

*My tutor: Joe

*My 2 collegues: Mildah & Grettah

*The rest of the Internet Studies students

*Thank you for making this module (INST102) enjoyable*

*I'd like to say that it was fun while it lasted (just for this year "2009"), i can't wait for next year.


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